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Veterinary Oncology in Hopkinsville

At Skyline Animal Clinic, our compassionate veterinarians provide a range of diagnostic and treatment services for pets suffering from cancer. 

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Veterinary Oncology in Hopkinsville | Vet for Pets with Cancer

Cancer Care for Hopkinsville Pets

Unfortunately, even the healthiest of humans and animals can be affected by cancer. The good news is that with modern veterinary technology we have a number of advanced treatment methods at our disposal. 

After reviewing your pet’s medical history and diagnosis we will sit down with you and your pet to discuss the disease, staging (additional diagnostics), treatment options, and prognosis. 

We offer a range of treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and palliative care when needed. 

Staging (Additional Diagnostics)

After a diagnosis of cancer, additional lab testing can help to determine the extent of cancer in the body, which allows us to optimize treatment options and better predict prognosis.

If your pet requires complex care or additional diagnostic testing beyond the services available to us in our in-house lab, we will refer you to a board-certified oncologist near Hopkinsville and work with them to ensure your pet receives the best care. 

Treatment Options

When staging is complete, your veterinarian will discuss all the appropriate treatment options.

Cancer can be treated by several different therapies or combinations of treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy or palliative care when appropriate.

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